Lesson 12: How to become mangaka

 (a manga artist)

Story manga making process

1. Idea -> 2. Story Outline -> 3. Create a scenario/characters -> 4. Rewrite/Name (storyboard for comics) -> 5. Make a draft -> 6. Trace it with a pen -> 7. Use screentones etc. -> 8. Rewrite -> 9. Finish



-A story manga making process is basically like above. Especially, it is important to elaborate a plan at the stage of 3 and 4.

-The fourth step Name is to do Komawari or decide composition with a pencil and it is like manga's design drawing. It is good to not only think by yourself, but also show other people and ask their opinions when elaborating it.

-From the fifth step, start drawing on a manuscript paper.

-If you do the seventh and eighth step carefully, the finish of the manga becomes better.

The path to becoming mangaka (a manga artist)

A. “I want to draw a manga!" (Determination) 

B. Draw a manga
C. Send or bring it to a publisher
D. Debut
E. Contribute a series of manga → Build a mansion!

Written by Lucky Uematsu Translated by zmi



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